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Modernes Wohnzimmer

Living trends 2022

After the turbulence of the last two years, we are looking hopefully towards 2022. After two rather difficult years, it is important to create places where we feel comfortable... Read more →

Modern Living

Wood cut

You need a custom countertop, want custom-fit furniture for angled rooms or are looking for boards, with which you can realize a completely individual furnishing project?... Read more →

Modern Living

Sustainable furniture

The sustainable furniture business is growing from year to year. The reason for this is the increasing media and social awareness of environmental issues. That's why sustainable furniture is more popular than ever before... Read more →

Modern Living

Modern Living

Do you like simple, tidy and well-structured living spaces? Then it's time to take a closer look at one of the living trends of 2021: Modern Living... Read more →


Furnish guest room

Hosting guests requires organization and planning or a permanently perfect setup. Most hosts make sure their house is clean, the refrigerator is well stocked and the laundry is done... Read more →

Living trends 2021

Living trends 2021

Last year was a long and exhausting year. It demanded a lot from us and confronted us with new challenges. Unexpected aspects came to the foreground of our perception... Read more →

Schallplatten Aufbewahrung Vinylos

Record storage

For all music enthusiasts, turntables and records are more than just objects for reproducing music - they are also proud collectors' items and special decorative elements... Read more →

Einbauschrank Manzanillo

Built-in cabinets

One simple way to improve the storage of a room is to use built-in cabinets. Built-in shelves are available in all forms and sizes... Read more →

Skyoffice mit Designeregal

Step shelves

Good storage is the backbone of a functioning room. Original step shelves or stair shelves can offer clever solutions that make full use of our possibilities...
Read more →

Holzregal Regona

Living trends 2020

Every new year brings us the opportunity for a fresh start. The beginning of a year is an ideal time to redesign not only our inner, but also our outer life... Read more →

finde die perfekte Heimbibliothek bei

Set up home library

Designing and furnishing your own home library - the dream of many bookworms! But what should you pay attention to?...Read more →

Tipps zu begehbaren Kleiderschränken

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet is the dream of many and makes living even more beautiful. It awakens in us the feeling of a shopping spree in our favorite boutique every time we enter it ... Read more →

finde perfekte weiße Möbel auf

White furniture

Are you looking for expressive furniture and want to create a friendly atmosphere within your own four walls? With white furniture the conditions are good to create a...Read more →

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Living trends 2019

New year, new furniture? After the turn of the year you feel like a change and want to bring a fresh breeze into your home? Then let ...Read more →

finde deine perfektes Nischenregal auf

Niche shelves

In every apartment there are small, difficult to use corners and niches, which are difficult to use. This is not least due to the fact that the furniture of your dreams unfortunately does not have the right...Read more →

finde deine perfektes Regal für dein Kaminzimmer

Furnish fireplace room

Outside it is cold, wet and dark. You'd rather snuggle up in a blanket on a comfortable wing chair and keep warm inside. But one detail is still missing in the living room: a fireplace! The...Read more →

Richte deine Loftwohnung mit formbar ein

Set up a penthouse apartment

Living in a penthouse - the dream of many people. It is also your dream and you want to fulfill it soon, but are still looking for ideas for furnishing, decoration, ...? Then you are here exactly...Read more →

Wohntrends 2018 von

Living trends 2018

The first month in 2018 is already over. Slowly you get used to the everyday life again and it is even heading towards spring. What could be more obvious than a spring cleaning and a new furnishing...Read more →

Richte deine Loftwohnung mit formbar ein

Set up a winter garden

Whether it's sunny or rainy - a winter garden is a room that offers you a cosy retreat in any weather. It can be used all year round, completely independent of weather and temperature...Read more →

Geschwungene regale von

Curved shelves

Are you looking for a custom-made shelf that not only convinces with its innovative design, but also fits you and your living situation perfectly? Then this is the right place for you. We from...Read more →

Richte dein Heimkino mit formbar ein

Set up home cinema

If you have enough space at home, you can set up a cosy VIP home cinema for film fans. Because today the technology is so far, that even non-multi-millionaires can set up a Hifi home cinema...Read more →

Richte deine Loftwohnung mit formbar ein

Set up a loft

When we enter a loft, we are immediately fascinated by the vastness of the room, the high walls and the exceptionally large windows. A loft is therefore a living paradise for everyone who wants to live in an unusual style... Read more →

Richte dein Esszimmer mit formbar ein

Furnish the dining room

When it comes to dining room furnishings, the main aim is to create a space that is both comfortable and multifunctional. Where and how you want to furnish your new dining area usually depends strongly on the spatial ...Read more →

Richte dein Esszimmer mit formbar ein

Apartments with pitched roofs

Apartments with a pitched roof offer the advantage of providing a feeling of cosiness - but for this we have to make do with considerably less floor space. This can be taken into account in the interior design and... Read more →

Richte dein Jugendzimmer mit formbar ein

Furnishing youth rooms

When furnishing or redesigning the teenager's room, parents should make sure to include the teenager's personal taste. Because this should be daily in its...
Read more →

Richte dein Feng-Shui Schlafzimmer mit formbar ein

Feng-Shui bedroom furnishings

Since we spend a lot of time in the bedroom, it is important to create an individual space in which you can feel completely comfortable and which has a calming effect on you...Read more →

Raumtrenner Strada XL nach Maß

Room divider guide

Room dividers are very popular in large living or dining areas, or bedrooms. But they are also an optimal solution to divide the children's room into different areas without taking up too much space...Read more →

Raumtrenner Strada XL nach Maß

Set up a dressing room

Honestly, who doesn't dream of a walk-in closet or even a separate dressing room? It is a must-have for everyone who loves clothes or shopping and spends a lot of time in front of the closet...Read more →

Individuelle Küche nach Maß

Set up a kitchen

What should your new dream kitchen look like? Would you prefer a functional fitted kitchen or an extravagant designer kitchen with a separate cooking island? However, if you don't like a compact solution, you can also opt for individual elements and shelves...Read more →

Designer-Badezimmerregal nach Maß

Furnish a bathroom

Morning rituals or a regular morning routine help your body to start the day fresh and with full energy. The way to the bathroom for showering, washing or brushing your teeth is part of it. Not to be in a bad mood...Read more →

Spielempore eines Kindergartens

Children's room furnishings

Finding the right furnishings from the baby's room to the teenager's room can be a real challenge. In the children's room it is important to create a space where the kids feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. Besides, they play here ...
Read more →

Schuhbank nach Maß, Entrada

Furnish a small apartment

Our ideas of the ideal apartment usually do not correspond to the reality of the housing market. Many people are attracted to the city, because there are excellent public transport connections, extensive ... Read more →


Living room furnishing

Today's demands on the living room are high: the living room has always traditionally been the center of an apartment or house. This is where you spend most of your time with your family and use it for all kinds of things. Whether a... Read more →

Designer-Bett Idra von

Bedroom furniture

As is well known, the bedroom is a room for recharging your batteries, resting and relaxing. In addition, you can find distance from everyday stress and the bedroom is responsible for our good sleep, according to sleep researchers. Since we are there ... Read more →

Skyoffice mit Designeregal

Office furniture

More and more people want to work from home or are creating a workplace to prepare for work, further education or simply to surf the Internet and check emails. To make your work easier, you should focus on a harmonious... Read more →

Designer-Nischen-Regal, Weiß

Floor furniture

The floor is the room in a house or apartment that is usually the most difficult to furnish. The entrance area is the first room your guests will see when they enter. It conveys the first impression of your living style within a few seconds...Read more →

S. K.
Very nice and quick contact with questions, individual advice, delivery to the living room without leaving much waste, assembly for two well doable, quality top and just beautiful! We are very satisfied.
Christa M.
We have ordered 2 pieces of furniture so far (shelf for office and chest of drawers for room with sloping roof) and are totally thrilled both times. Everything worked out: friendly, telephone support with the design, good service of the carpentry, delivery date and assembly were accurate and the quality or the appearance of the furniture we are happy every day.
Karin H.
I am really super satisfied with the shelf. The special shape and excellent quality make it a gem. The executing carpentry has done a great job. No long waiting time and the delivery was carefully packed and delivered to the apartment. Highly recommended!
Renate G.
A beautiful unique piece, very well finished, super friendly, fast and competent communication between the team as well as the carpentry, highly recommended We are very happy with our new piece of furniture and have already received several compliments from friends and family.
Cordula S.
The contact to formbar was super, any time I was informed about the exact state of production, delivery, etc. The carpentry H. from Diekholzen has done a super job, the communication was also there best, the commissioning of the assembly for such large parts is recommended. The furniture is much better to look at live than in the photos.