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Are you looking for a custom-made shelf that not only perfectly suits you and your living situation, but also convinces with its innovative design? Then form.bar is the right place for you.


Highlights of form.bar for your living space

Choose your favorite design and customize it

The design innovation with momentum

We at form.bar offer you the possibility to design your dream furniture completely by yourself and to adjust it individually to your needs. Customized furniture offers the advantage that it can be adapted to your room with millimeter precision. Whether for your corner, niche or sloping roof - our configurator makes everything possible. In addition to the dimensionally accurate planning, the curved look is a unique feature of form.bar.
So that you can configure your personal unique shelf without any problems, we give you the most important information below and explain to you how to best proceed with the configuration of your furniture. In addition, we show you some unusual shelves from our form.bar online store, which can serve as inspiration.

Curved shelves made to measure in unique design

Absolutely unique to form.bar is the sweeping design of our furniture, which is inspired by the organic forms of nature. This harmony of sweeping forms and practical utility is reflected in the algorithms of the form.bar software.

You decide yourself how your Wechseltiefes shelf should look - define dimensions and color, play with the shape curves and create your own personal furniture unique. The wavy, natural style makes each shelf a highlight and integrates exactly into any living space due to its custom-made design. They are particularly practical, as they fully utilize the available space and thus do not waste a single centimeter in your home. Likewise, they offer an enormous amount of storage space to accommodate your everyday items.

Bookshelf Charlotta

Production and sustainability

Natural materials, natural swing

Nature, from which our curved shelf forms spring, is especially close to our hearts. It is a valuable supplier of raw materials, so we pay attention to materials with FSC® certification, with the aim of promoting environmentally sound management of our forests. We focus on sustainable production with the highest precision and attention to detail. We also place great value on high-quality, premium materials.

fom.bar Musterbox

In the manufacture of your shelf natural wood, our carpenters combine modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. Your shelf system is also always manufactured by a carpenter from your region to avoid long transport routes, protect the environment and support the traditional carpentry craft.

Standard shelves usually have a depth of only about 30 cm, although most of the accommodation items such as CD's or paperbacks are less deep. By being able to plan your shelf yourself according to your needs, material is only used where it is really needed. So you decide how much storage space you really need, so that no material as well as living space is wasted.


Furniture categories and types of shelves

Find your suitable shelf

Our curved custom shelves come in countless and diverse varieties. Discover our colors and forms and click through our different furniture categories such as shelves, sideboards, TV furniture or benches. We also offer coffee tables beds in unusual forms. Convince yourself of our alternating deep style, which the different models of our furniture and create your personal dream furniture, which perfectly suits you and your life!

Curved wall shelves

High-quality wall shelves made to measure by form.bar combine functionality with an extravagant design. Whether you choose a single decorative shelf, or configure several wall shelves for your wall, which are perfectly matched to each other, is up to you. Use the space on your wall and realize your curved wall shelf.

Wall shelf Bicicleta

Curved bookshelves

At form.bar you will find curved bookshelves that will present your book collection in the best light. They offer an enormous amount of storage space and keep your books organized as well as visually appealing. No matter how extensive your book collection is, with us you can customize your new shelf to fit the number of books you have. Whether a shelf small, shelf narrow or shelf large - you decide what you like.

Bookshelf Kava

Curved room divider

Room dividers from form.bar are especially practical, as they divide your room into several zones, offer a lot of storage space and can be used from both sides. In addition, their unusual, curved design definitely creates a harmonious atmosphere in your room. For example, configure a practical shelf room divider to separate the kitchen and dining area or create a cozy reading corner in the living room. Thus, you can create a flowing space and at the same time bring nature into your living room.

Room divider Swing

Curved wine shelves

You are looking for a special wine shelf that will present your wine bottles in the right conditions? We at form.bar offer you curved wine shelves made to measure for every taste and every budget. Try our configurator and easily customize your round wooden wine shelf to the number of wine bottles you have and benefit from its unique design. Because a good wine with a round taste, needs a round design!

Wine shelf Charlotta S

Curved shelving systems

Wooden form.bar shelving systems come in different types, forms, colors and sizes. Moreover, they can be used for different purposes, whether for your office, your dining room or your bedroom - in just a few clicks you have the possibility to design your individual shelving system exactly to size. Use our innovative online configurator and create a curved shelving system that perfectly suits you and your room situation.

Shelving system Ronda

CD-DVD shelves - design that fits the music

Space-saving CD-DVD shelves made to measure for your media collection can be designed with our online configurator from the comfort of your home and adapted to your living situation. Height, width and depth as well as the number of shelves can be adjusted as you wish, so that you get a wooden CD shelf that fits you perfectly with its rhythmically curved forms.

CD-DVD shelf Mila

Curved wooden shelves

Design shelf solid wood yourself? No problem with our award-winning furniture configurator! Wooden shelves from form.bar match any interior, have a calming aura and emphasize the naturalness of the wood. Through the harmoniously curved forms, you not only bring a piece of nature into your home, but also get a unique piece that fits you perfectly.

Wooden shelf Regona

Curved corner shelves

Corner shelves from form.bar are very practical furniture, because they are not only space-saving, but also fit into any corner and use the available space optimally. Try our online configurator and create with little effort your curved corner shelf that fits you one hundred percent. No matter how you imagine your corner shelf, whether small or large, from one or two pieces, high or flat - with us everything is possible.

Corner shelf Armanda

Bathroom shelves - flowing forms, matching water

Configure your curved bathroom shelf the way you like it best and fits into your bathroom. Use our furniture configurator and create a space-saving bathroom shelf with low depth and plenty of storage space in just a few steps. Especially bathrooms usually offer little space, so custom furniture from form.bar is the optimal solution here! For example, configure a shelf that you can use under your sink or behind the door. Alternatively, you can also configure a practical partition.

Bathroom shelf Aquani

Innovative online configurator

Customize your curved shelf as needed

Our innovative online configurator allows you to generate a very personal 3D design of your furniture in digital form, modify it and then order it directly online. The 360° function allows you to view your curved shelf from all perspectives and zoom in on the details as you wish.

Of course, you can determine the form of your furniture yourself - just pull the deformation points of the shelf and become a designer yourself. No matter what shape you choose, the result will always look harmonious thanks to the nature-inspired algorithm.

Every change you make to your lifelike shelf is immediately in front of your eyes, and you can save at any time to revise your design at a later date. For example, you can turn a sideboard into TV furniture or a bookshelf into a lowboard in no time at all.

In just a few steps, you can create a real one-of-a-kind piece that suits you and your home.

In 3 steps to the desired furniture

  1. Select desired shelf
  2. Specify dimensions, color and material and then personalize according to form
  3. Buy shelf design directly online

We plan your furniture with momentum for you

Get your designer furnishings designed by our professional team of designers.

To the design service

FColors and materials

Only the best of the best is used for our freiform shelves. You have the choice between 3 different materials. Our noble birch veneer plywood comes from Finland and is characterized by quality as well as sustainability, making it the ideal wood material for individual designer furniture. In addition to multiplex birch, we also offer MDF.

You can not decide between a shelf white, shelf gray or shelf black and would like to have a comparison to a comparable material?

Convince yourself and simply request two free material samples for testing and then decide on your new favorite material.

Sideboard Froko

Doors and drawers

At form.bar you have the possibility to create an open shelf or to add modern door systems to your custom-made shelf. You are completely free in the design - that is, you decide for yourself in which shelf compartment doors should be inserted. These doors feature a modern tip-on system, so they open with a light tap. In addition, they move with and follow the alternating deep form. That is, they jump forward or backward following the form and provide a harmonious overall appearance. If you do not want a shelf with doors, you can also have a shelf with drawers planned on request.

Commode Pure

Clever plug-in system

Practical and functional

Our convenient plug-in system gives you effortless assembly without complicated fasteners. In addition, you will receive assembly instructions to help you with the delivery of your shelf. The plug-in system also allows you to assemble and disassemble your shelf cube as often as you like - without causing any signs of wear or use. Especially when moving, our furniture is particularly practical.

They can be very quickly disassembled and then reassembled. Also, there are no screws or fasteners that you can lose. Of course, you can also have your wavy furniture assembled by our nationwide partners. You can request this assembly service during the ordering process.

form.bar plug-in system

Special productions

You want to design your own curved shelf, but have a complicated room situation, special requests or are simply unsure about the statics and form design of your shelf? Our designer team is of course always at your disposal and supports you in your planning.


No matter what desire you have in mind, our configurator allows you to imagine anything. For example, you have an apartment with complicated slopes or corners? Then a step shelf or niche shelf would be the optimal solution for you. Of course, you can also plan your natural wood shelf around the corner and add any recesses for your TV, laptop or boxes. Especially in small rooms it is important to use every centimeter optimally. Therefore, wall-high shelves that you can use next to and above the door. Our shelves can therefore be adapted to your personal ergonomics and space for movement. You are also completely free in terms of color design. As a special highlight, you can also have additional LED lighting included on request.

Wardrobe shelf
  • Stepped shelves and special forms
  • Recesses
  • Shelf over corner
  • Door superstructure
  • Interchangeable depth shelves
  • Shelves with different colors and materials
  • LED lighting
  • Shelves with wheels
  • Personalize shelf with your name/logo

Curved shelves for the sloping roof

Customized solutions - no problem

It is particularly difficult to find suitable furniture in apartments with sloping ceilings. Modern shelves made to measure are the best possible solution for this. With the help of our innovative online configurator, you can adapt your shelf for sloping ceilings to your slope with millimeter precision, without giving away a single centimeter of space. Low furniture, built-in cabinets and tiered shelving are best suited. Try our configurator right now and discover the limitless possibilities of our furniture for sloping ceilings.

Pyramid shelf

Curved corner or niche shelves

Not to forget our practical corner shelves or niche shelves. No matter how complicated your room situation is, with our configurator you can create a shelf that fits into every corner to the centimeter and optimally uses the space. Even different depths of niche walls are no problem for us - our configurator allows you to create a shelf with a smooth transition, so there are no annoying protrusions to bump into. Form the corner shelf of your dreams and explore the undulating forms of form.bar. If you still need inspiration or shelving ideas, be sure to check out our customer gallery as well as guides.

White shelf and TV lowboard

Your online order

When you have decided on your individual shelf, you can easily buy your furniture online with just a few clicks and have no stress when buying furniture. After you have registered, you can choose between Paypal and purchase on account.

Shipping and delivery

Our delivery time is usually between 4-6 weeks. Shortly before your curved shelf is shipped, a final quality check is performed. Then the individual parts of your shelf wall are packed and delivered by freight forwarding directly to your doorstep. Shipping is free of charge and is also possible to Luxembourg, Switzerland or Austria.

S. K.
Very nice and quick contact with questions, individual advice, delivery to the living room without leaving much waste, assembly for two well doable, quality top and just beautiful! We are very satisfied.
Christa M.
We have ordered 2 pieces of furniture so far (shelf for office and chest of drawers for room with sloping roof) and are totally thrilled both times. Everything worked out: friendly, telephone support with the design, good service of the carpentry, delivery date and assembly were accurate and the quality or the appearance of the furniture we are happy every day.
Karin H.
I am really super satisfied with the shelf. The special shape and excellent quality make it a gem. The executing carpentry has done a great job. No long waiting time and the delivery was carefully packed and delivered to the apartment. Highly recommended!
Renate G.
A beautiful unique piece, very well finished, super friendly, fast and competent communication between the form.bar team as well as the carpentry, highly recommended We are very happy with our new piece of furniture and have already received several compliments from friends and family.
Cordula S.
The contact to formbar was super, any time I was informed about the exact state of production, delivery, etc. The carpentry H. from Diekholzen has done a super job, the communication was also there best, the commissioning of the assembly for such large parts is recommended. The furniture is much better to look at live than in the photos.