Special design adapted to the slope of the roof

Furnish apartment with sloping roof

Apartments with sloping roof offer the advantage that they convey a feeling of coziness - but in return we have to make do with significantly less floor space. This can cause problems when it comes to room design and furnishings. So you should take advantage of your sloping roof and equip it with enough storage space. Individual furniture made to measure such as built-in wardrobes, are the ideal solution! They adapt to your sloping roof with millimeter precision, so you don't waste any space.


Highlights of form.bar for your attic room

Choose your favorite design and customize it

Ideas for the design and use of a room with a sloping roof

A generous feeling of space despite a sloping roof? We show you how! It is more cumbersome than in ordinary apartments, but doable. The result combines coziness with practical storage space. We also show you some unusual furniture from our form.bar online store and offer you unique inspirations for your sloping roof apartment.

Furniture for roof slopes

Dimensionally accurate planning - perfect fit

Large wall shelf from form.bar for the slope of the roof

The ideal furniture for the attic is rather low and not too bulky, because the sloping roof in itself gives an oppressive feeling. Large furniture is therefore rather out of place. But most of the time it is hard to find sloping roof furniture that fits exactly to your room situation. That's why at form.bar you don't just get furniture, but designer made-to-measure furniture that is functional and individual.

No matter which shelf sloping roof you need, with our online configurator any type is possible. Choose from different furniture categories such as wall shelves, TV lowboards, sideboards or benches your favorite furniture and easily plan it according to your wishes - without compromise!

Custom made commode for the roof slopes

Custom commodes for sloping roofs

With our custom wooden commodes, you not only have more space and storage options for your home accessories in the attic apartment, but also a visual furnishing element with style. Whether you choose free-standing sideboards, commodes with or without doors or low, floor-level lowboards, it's entirely up to you!

Use low furniture

Since the sloping roof, a lot of space is lost, you should use your sloping walls completely and not give away a centimeter. The best solution is low furniture that fits your sloping walls to the millimeter. They make a bedroom with a sloping roof directly more airy and visually enlarge it.

The general rule is: less is more!

Movable interior

If you want to furnish a room with a sloping roof, you should go for movable interior. Furniture with castors is especially practical, because the space can be allocated flexibly. Of course, you can also quickly assign smaller furniture with low weight to another place.

Pyramid shelf for the sloping roof

Shelves for sloping ceilings

Whether small or narrow shelves, shelves with straight or curved form, with or without doors, freestanding or as a corner shelf or niche shelf, with us you can give free rein to your imagination! You decide, from the comfort of your home, which room solutions you like. No matter which shelves you need, with our online configurator every type of shelf is possible. Choose from different categories such as wooden shelves, bookshelves, room dividers or bathroom shelves and configure your shelf according to your needs.

Room divider for the sloping roof

Room divider for roof slopes

You want to design your sloping roof and are somewhat limited with your placement options? No problem! For example, configure a beautiful step shelf as a room divider shelf. This will definitely become the visual highlight in your apartment! In addition, your room is divided into two halves, which makes it visually larger and offers more space for storing items. You decide from the comfort of your home, which color and form you like and also have the option to include additional doors.

We turn your sloping ceilings into a style statement

Let our professional team of designers plan your dream home with cozy sloping roofs.

To the design service

Cabinets for sloping ceilings

Your sloped roofs should be consistently used as storage space - individual sloped roof wardrobes help with this! Whether you want to integrate, for example, a walk-in closet in your attic apartment, a sloping roof closet with space-saving sliding doors or prefer to adapt a built-in cabinet sloping roof to corners or wall projections, is up to you.

Walk-in closet in the sloping roof

Walk-in closet for sloping roofs

You want to create a walk-in closet sloping roof? No problem! Because orphaned niches, wall projections or unused sloping walls are true storage space wonders and can be quickly converted into a dressing room roof slope! However, due to the special dimensions it is difficult to find furniture for sloping ceilings in stores. We at form.bar offer you flexible shelving systems that adapt to any walk-in closet with millimeter precision. Simply enter your desired dimensions and then configure them according to form and color. This way you can make the most of the space available in your dressing room and create plenty of storage space, even in the smallest of spaces, so that your clothes and shoes can be easily accommodated.

Sloping roof cabinet made to measure

If you live directly under the roof, custom cabinets are optimal, because they perfectly fit the slope of the roof and provide enough space for your everyday items. Due to the customization, you will not lose a single centimeter and the space will be used optimally. Simply enter the dimensions, form and desired color in our online configurator and then order your sloping roof cabinet directly online!

Sloping roof cabinet custom design

You have special wishes due to a complicated room situation? No problem - our configurator offers the right shelf for every room situation! Whether a step shelf, niche or corner shelf or a cabinet roof slope, with us everything is possible! We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your furniture or take it over completely for you if you wish. Tell us what you have in mind and we will check the feasibility of your ideas.

Cabinets with sliding doors

Since open compartments in shelves or cabinets look restless, closed cabinet fronts are the better choice. Of course, you also have the option to cover your shelves with a curtain sloping roof or install a sliding door sloping roof. These sliding doors are not only practical, but also save space, because they do not have bulky doors that open outward. Another option is doors with mirrored fronts. Thus, you can visually enlarge your room with a sloping roof and no longer need to buy a separate mirror.

Built-in cabinet in the attic

Built-in cabinets with sloping roofs

Since furniture stores usually don't offer furniture that fits your exact space situation, you should reach for custom built-in cabinets that fit your sloping roof exactly. This way, even the smallest corner is guaranteed to be put to good use. With our online configurator, you can individually determine your height, width and depth. Different materials and colors can be combined as desired. So your furniture is exactly to your taste, individual and functional. Simply order online and have it conveniently delivered to your home.

Closets for sloping roofs

We at form.bar offer you flexible shelving systems that can be adapted to any sloping roof with millimeter precision. Simply enter the desired dimensions for your new closet and then configure it according to the number of compartments, form and doors. This way, you can make the most of the available space in your room, even under the slope, and create plenty of storage space even in the tightest of spaces, so that your clothes and shoes can be stored without any problems.


Roof slopes for different purposes

Plan before, profit later

Rooms with sloping ceilings can be used in many ways. In the following, we will go into the possible uses in the various rooms and give you useful living tips regarding furnishings and design.

Kitchen with sloping roof

For a kitchen with a sloping roof, an open kitchen is particularly suitable. This creates a spacious living impression and combines living with cooking and eating in a harmonious living atmosphere. However, depending on the slope, it can be difficult to find the right kitchen roof slope. We at form.bar offer you furniture that can be adapted exactly to your room situation. So simply design a beautiful step shelf or adapt your shelf to your room situation to the millimeter. Also a beautiful room divider sloping roof with open shelves is well suited. Because this can also be used as a counter or bar and offers additional useful storage space.

Bathroom with sloping roof

You have a complicated bathroom with a sloping roof and are looking for suitable bathroom furniture? With our form.bar online configurator you can create individual furniture according to your own ideas, which will fit exactly to any bathroom with a sloping roof! This way you can make the most of the space you have for towels, cosmetics and bathroom accessories and not waste it. Also look out for furniture with dual functions, as these also save valuable space. Room dividers are also a good way to create storage space and divide the room at the same time. For example, a bathtub under a sloping roof creates a cozy atmosphere. You also have the possibility to plan a sauna roof slope or a shower roof slope, if your sloping roof is still high enough to stand under.

Living room with sloping roof

A room with a sloping roof is very cozy, but has a limited floor space. Nevertheless, it can be furnished extremely functionally. We recommend you to design roof slopes rather brightly and to set color accents in the decoration. You should choose the interior in warm but subtle colors , because less is more! High shelves or a shelf are rather unsuitable for living rooms with sloping walls. The most effective storage solution is built-in cabinets or custom-made shelves that perfectly fit your slanted wall. A practical alternative are commodes, sideboards or shelving cubes. Another solution is a beautiful step shelf, which is not only an eye-catcher in your living room, but also very practical.

Special sections of the room, such as niches, corners, wall projections or sloping walls should not remain unused. Behind bulky wooden beams, for example, the space can be used for a large wall shelf, which, if necessary, simply disappears behind long curtains. Under a staircase or on a sloping wall you can place a beautiful step shelf, which is not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher in your room!

Youth room with sloping roof

If you have complicated wall protrusions, niches, or slanted walls in your small teen room, you should turn to space-saving custom designs. Form.bar has the right shelf for every room situation! Due to the customization, you won't lose a single centimeter and the space will be used optimally. Simply enter the dimensions, form and desired color in our online configurator and then order directly online!

formbares Stairs shelf

Bedroom with sloping roof

Bedroom ideas sloping roof:

In a bedroom with a sloping roof, you should make the most of the available space. This is easily done with our made-to-measure shelving systems. They fit perfectly by height and width to any sloping wall and make your room something special. Shelves that make the most of every nook and cranny and disappear into wall protrusions, for example, not only look stylish but also prove their worth as practical storage space in everyday life. As impractical as a wall with a sloping roof may be, it can also become cozy if you use it as a sleeping corner. Because a bed under a sloping roof can turn your room, homely and harmoniously furnished, into a cozy nest. Depending on how low your sloping roof is, you should choose beds with a low headboard. High box spring beds or even four-poster beds are rather unfavorable.


Lighting and decoration in rooms with sloping ceilings

A particularly beautiful stylistic device

Lighting and decoration are enormously important in rooms with sloping ceilings. Sensible lighting sloping roof can make the room look wider and larger, and the decoration can also contribute to a more cozy feeling.

Ceiling spots in rooms with sloping ceilings

Those who live under the roof, rarely hold high ceilings and therefore little space for large lamps such as noble chandeliers. Therefore, strips with halogen lamps for sloping ceilings or ceiling spots are the optimal solution. They are not only space-saving, but also easy to install and contribute to a modern room climate. In addition, they emphasize individual sections of the room, such as reading or working area.

Wall lights in rooms with sloping roof

In order to get enough light sources in your room, you should use wall sconces in addition to ceiling spots. Here there is a wide selection, where you are guaranteed to find the right lamp sloping roof. On the other hand, you should rather do without pendant lights or ceiling washers.

Light rails in rooms with sloping roofs

To achieve beautiful lighting effects, you can use light rails, light strips or even a beautiful light tube or light chain with LEDs. These make a room with sloping ceilings even cozier and look beautiful.

The use of pictures in rooms with sloping ceilings

Also suitable for the sloping roof are wall pictures. Because there are also special suspensions, magnets or even strips for sloping ceilings, with which picture frames can be easily attached. So you can use your sloping roof, so that it does not look too bare.

Wall tattoos in rooms with sloping walls

So that your room with a sloping roof doesn't look too constricting, you should design it rather brightly and resort to simple tricks. Set colorful accents with individual walls or reach for decorative wall tattoos. These give visual depth and make the room seem more open. In addition, wall tattoos are a great way to beautify your walls without much effort. Wall tattoos are available in different motifs or as poetic or cool sayings. If you don't like the tattoo after some time, you can easily remove it and change the style of the room.


Colors for rooms with slopes

Nice and bright it should be

Light wall colors for sloping roofs

For darker attic rooms with a small pitched roof window, you should always use white or other light tones such as cream. This will visually expand the room and make it look bigger.

Whether you want to paint your sloped roof or wallpaper your sloped roof is up to you. If you decide on a light wallpaper, you have the choice between neutral or plain wallpaper or pattern wallpaper. Just make sure that you choose a wallpaper that you really like, because a change of wallpaper means more work than a new wall color.

Dark wall colors for sloping roofs

You should be clear about whether you prefer to choose light tones that make the room look more open and larger, or whether you want to create even more security and coziness with darker, warm colors. With many home textiles, such as colorful pillows or a fluffy rug, you can create a comfortable and cozy sleeping space under your roof.

Color accents for sloping roofs

If you can't do without color in your attic space, you should add color accents to your room. Think carefully about what you want to emphasize, whether sloping roof, the gable or rather accessories such as pillows, rugs or curtains. Of course, you can also set accents with colored furniture. In our furniture configurator you have the choice between 22 different colors and materials, from which you can choose your favorite material.


No Go's for rooms with sloping roofs

Do not worry, we think of everything

Avoid pendants

In a room with a sloping roof, you should avoid pendant lights or ceiling washers, as they make the room look smaller due to the low ceilings. Ceiling spots, wall lights, floor lamps or a beautiful light chain are ideal alternatives.

Avoid bulky furniture

You should avoid heavy or bulky furniture such as large cabinets, as they are too bulky and take up too much space. Instead, you should plan storage space options such as built-in cabinets directly under or in the sloping roof.

Never leave storage space unused

Do not leave your room corners and sloping walls unused, but rather fill them with a space-saving sloping roof shelf! This has the advantage that you do not waste space due to the customization and in the end you get a shelf that is not only unique, but also a beautiful highlight in your room due to its special form.