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Basic • Carefree‑Service


Free designs

Even if you would like an inspiration for your furniture or if you don't find the time and leisure to do so, we are here for you. Design specialists from create exclusively for you up to 3 configurator designs and send them to you by mail.


Order check

You want the best furniture for you - that is exactly what we want. That is why you can rely on us: Experienced experts will check your furniture for design and stability after receipt of your order, before the carpenter starts work.


Premium • Even more individual

One time 45 EUR + Price for adaptation

* Special adaptions are excluded from promotional discounts

Simply specify the desired special adjustments in the order comment.

For the premium services listed below, there is a one-time service fee of 45 euros and, if applicable, additional costs per adjustment.
These you will find in the following Price list for special adjustments:


Cable Recess Standard


Lump sum not applicable

A 10 cm wide and 4 cm high cable passage is placed in the middle of an existing or additional rear wall. It offers sufficient space for several cables, all common plugs fit through without any problems. If you want another place, contact us please.

Cable Recess Special


per recess

You need a special cable cutout and want to determine the size yourself? No problem, we can drill practically any kind of additional hole at practically any location in the vertical and/or horizontal of your furniture - for example, to run a cable across the entire width of a shelf.


per board

Depending on your individual requirements, we leave in the vertical and/or horizontal plane of your furniture the exact space required for skirting boards - for example, if the lowest board of your furniture is on the floor.


per board

Recesses for heaters, sockets, fireplaces, passages, wall projections etc. in the horizontal and / or vertical we can exactly according to your ideas and specifications.

Form & Compartments

30 EUR

per design

If you prefer clear, uniform shapes, we will align your furniture exactly symmetrically along the axis.

35 EUR

per design

We can round off protrusions of shortened horizontal and/or vertical parts of your furniture.

17,50 EUR

per overhang

Any part of your furniture can have the protrusions of vertical and horizontal lines removed, should they bother you or you don't like them, for example internal projections of a TV recess. The outer flanks can also be finished smooth, either partially or completely without protrusions.
The protrusions are primarily used to implement the plug-in system. When removing, visible connectors are planned if necessary.

35 EUR

per design

We change the vertical spacing and thus the width of shelves for you, for example to ensure access to sockets. An adjustment of the compartment size can also be useful, to match the horizontal of several pieces of furniture.

Special furniture

25 EUR

per connected horizontal
+ 120 EUR (instead of 45 EUR)

With a perfectly fitting corner furniture you want to set a highlight in your room or use the available space optimally? This is easily possible - with two or more shelf units, which are joined together with connectors. We can create up to three designs per corner piece of furniture with a uniform shape and adjusted shelf heights.

On request


To create spectacular special designs such as shelf-table combinations, individual furniture trees, galleries, furniture in oversizes etc. we are always happy to take care of your enquiry.

Additional elements

35 EUR

per insert
(Real wood veneer: 42 EUR)

A shelf offers you more possibilities. By default we use a shelf in the middle of the compartment. Upon request, we can insert the shelf at an individual height. Four holes for four shelf supports are included. For more variability you can add a row of holes for an extra charge. You will receive shelves for shelf widths of up to 80 cm.

25 EUR

per linear 50 cm shelf height

For flexible use of shelves, we plan a row of holes in each shelf where you want them.

15 EUR

per piece

Depending on the individual case, wooden angles provide even greater stability for your furniture. They are available in birch plywood white or natural.

30 EUR

per piece up to 0,2 m²
(Real wood veneer: 36 EUR)

50 EUR

per piece up to 1,0 m²
(Real wood veneer: 60 EUR)

Clothes rail stainless steel

120 EUR

per piece

We offer a noble clothes rail made of brushed stainless steel including fastenings up to a width of 1 m. The clothes rail is attached with a high-quality brass bracket. Among other things, it is perfectly suitable for wardrobes. Wider clothes rails made of stainless steel are available on enquiry.

30 EUR

per vertical

Unevenness in the floor can be easily adjusted with adjustable furniture feet up to a height of of 25 mm - so your furniture always stands straight and especially safe.

Up to a height of the lower board of 50 mm, a compensation of up to 18 mm is possible. For a height of 60 mm or more, compensation of up to 25 mm is possible.

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