The simple plug sytem

The innovative plug system allows a simple construction without using confusing connecting elements. Use our provided assembly instruction and it will be no problem to assemble it by your own. Alternatively you can let it be assembled by an expert.


Aufbaubeispiel 1

Connect outer verticals with two horizontals

Aufbaubeispiel 2

Slide in inner verticals with the shelf standing up

Aufbaubeispiel 3

Insert remaining horizontals with the shelf lying

Aufbaubeispiel 4

Set the shelf upright and put the upper horizontal on top

Assembly Service

Aufbaubeispiel 4, Vorgefertigtes Modell von Regal Assembly Service

Our professional partners all across the country will assemble your furniture.

For this service we charge a premium starting from 160,00€ per furniture. You can add the Assembly Service with the final price easily in the cart with just one click.

The price for Assembly Service outside of Germany can differ. Just add the service and we will contact you after your order if there is a price difference or contact us first. The service can of course be cancelled after your order.

Delivery per haulage, right to your doorstep!

Delivery per haulage, right to your doorstep!

Free home delivery of your individual furniture within 6 weeks.


Assembly Instructions

Here you can find assembly instructions for any furniture type