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On this webpage you can find some videos showing how to handle our web application. If you have more questions or need further consultancy please use our contact form or call us +49 (0)681 410 976 42.

Hello! I am!

A short presentation of our revolutionary and intuitive furniture configurator

How works

This clip shows the whole process of shaping a rack, from setting numbers of horizontal and vertical layers till material choice and order.

How can I plan with dimensional accuracy?

To plan with accurate dimensions you should use the advanced features function of our form curve editor.

This video shows all functions of the form curve editor. The Rasterfangmodus is also explained here in detail.

How to adjust number and size of shelf compartments?

This tutorial demonstrates how to set size and numbers of compartments of your furniture.

Remove board segments

A brief explanation of how you can remove and add back board segments in our 3D configurator. So you can adjust your furniture also to rooms with roof sloping.

Add doors , colorize and sum them up

In this short tutorial we show you how to add doors in our revolutionary 3D furniture configurator. We also show you how to colorize them or sum them up. You also can also measure the remaining space behind the doors.

How to move horizontal panes

In this tutorial, we show you how to move horizontal panes in our 3D-configurator! This way you can realize different compartment heights and your design get's even more individual.

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