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PM 09/20: Germany's best online store for the fourth year in a row

Young furniture design platform also 2020 test winner in large customer survey by the German Institute for Service Quality

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PM 08/20: „Designers of the Year 2020“ also causes a furore internationally and surprisingly receives award from Great Britain

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PM 07/20: Top place for "Germany's best online retailers“

"New award for the online furniture designers of The platform, which has already received numerous awards in recent months, is one of the ...

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PM 05/20: Support action of helps regional carpenters in Corona time

"Special times require special measures: For the multiple award-winning furniture design start-up, this guiding principle is certainly confirmed in ...

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"On the best way to turn furniture production upside down"

"A start-up in Saarbrücken is on the best way to turn furniture production upside down. Thus begins the story in the April issue of "md INTERIOR DESIGN ARCHITECTURE", the traditional trade magazine for interior design and interior architecture.

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PM 03/20: is test winner in new study on sustainable commitment

1st place in large customer survey for "Focus" - "Sustainability is the basic principle of our actions"

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Made-to-measure furniture for creatives

BM, the trade magazine for carpenters, joiners and window fitters, reports on in its March issue

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"Creative solutions for special room situations"

Four-page interview with founder Alessandro Quaranta in the new "möbelfertigung", one of the top magazines of the European furniture industry, compulsory reading for entrepreneurs and managers.

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IMM Cologne 2020

After another record year: The story at IMM Cologne 2020

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Lateral thinker 2020

They are unconventional, successful, sometimes take defeats and radiate optimism in every respect: The lateral thinkers of the furniture industry...

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"I make you round"

Alessandro Quaranta, 38, can remember this call pretty well. That was in 2015. He was sitting on the train and Nikolas Feth, 39, called to tell him that the first order had been received via their Internet platform Formbar. "A red shelf," Quaranta recalls...

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Heads 2019

The craft magazine has included founders Nikolas Feth and Alessandro Quaranta in the renowned list of "Heads 2019". Among the "personalities who have brought the craft sector forward in 2019" is the Federal Minister of Economics, Peter Altmaier.

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PM 11/19: also wins the German Design Award for the first time

The young furniture design platform is awarded one of the most important international design prizes. The worldwide unique 3D web application for spectacular furniture design...

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PM 11/19: Furniture pioneer wins State Prize Design 2019

Expert jury praises "intelligent production process" and "elegant design" of "impressive platform". So far, the furniture design platform has...

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"Comfortable as hell"

Internet trade is a big problem for many German furniture manufacturers. But not everyone is discouraged by it...

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PM 09/19: Customers choose again as Germany's best online store

For the third time in a row, the young furniture design platform has been awarded the renowned title "Germany's best online store". And is thus...

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"The stars are already here"

Report of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" about IT companies in Saarland and the "very interesting technology" of

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"Desire for summer"

Contribution in the Couch on the subject of individual customized living.

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PM 06/19: Design furniture platform wins the German Brand Award

Nike, BMW, Lufthansa, FC Bayern: By winning the German Brand Award for the first time, the design furniture platform has joined an illustrious circle of world-famous successful companies.

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PM 05/19: Million-dollar funding for young design furniture platform

Climate-friendly, regionally sustainable: EU innovation program "Horizon 2020" praises "great potential" of globally unique 3D application for individual furniture...

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Okinlab gets millions from the EU

The Saarbrücken furniture start-up is being supported with around two million euros from the "Horizon 2020" program. The goal is...

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The furniture production 4.0 with fun factor

The company Okinlab offers via its online platform the possibility to design your own furnishings and subsequently...

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"My CNC pays off"

Carpenters and joiners often lack the time to market their free CNC capacities. Jens Denhof has worked with...

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Benchmark in free form planning

Many joineries have CNC machining centers - but very few of them are really working to capacity. This changes when...

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Germany, your founders

Okinlab designs furniture, houses and pavilions. On the platform for example, anyone can design...

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10.2016 awarded at the German Founders Award

Affordable furniture, individually designed by the customer on and manufactured by the joinery around the corner, with this innovative concept...

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Without screws, without glue, but with a lot of imagination

The young company Okinlab has already won several awards. Starting points for success were a look into nature and knowledge: Some carpenters do not even know what their modern CNC milling machine can do...

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To the birthday a furniture maker

The company Okinlab builds furniture without corners and edges. "We rely on forms that occur in nature", says Nikolas Feth (33), who together with...

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