Nature as our Role Model combines Aesthetics and Function

Sloping Roofs & Niches

With „remove segments" you can easily adjust your furniture to roof slopes, by first removing the horizontal and then the vertical board segments in the corresponding corner of your furniture. You can also use this function to quickly and easily adjust your furniture to niches by removing the lateral protrusions.

Back Panels

Depending on the size of your furniture, you will be supplied with a certain number of back panels, which can be used as stiffeners in shelves. The milling of the grooves by the CNC is extremely precise, so that your furniture is already stable after being plugged together. Additional stiffeners are used for safety. This avoids unwanted shaking, especially with large compartments. The rear walls are also available with cable outlets so that electronic equipment can easily be supplied with power. TV furniture and benches always come with fixed back panels.


From a length of 250cm our boards have to be divided. Thus one recognizes a push at the place, at which two planks to meet. On request and under certain circumstances, a division can be avoided; we will be happy to examine this possibility for you.

TV Cut-out + Cable Outlets

Especially our popular walls benefit from the function „remove segments" with which you can remove certain boards. Vertical board segments can only be removed in the Wall Configurator.

If you need cable outlets to make the cables of your TV or HiFi equipment invisible behind the shelf, please contact us us and we will plan individual cable outlets for you at the location of your choice.

Intelligent Connector System

Our clever plug-in system allows you to assemble and disassemble your furniture quickly and easily without the use of metal connectors or tools. The dimensionally accurate milling of the grooves is designed in such a way that the boards can be inserted into each other without friction and at the same time a stable stand of your furniture is guaranteed.


Analogous to our tip-on flaps and drawers, we also offer tip-on doors. These also do not have handles or hand inlets and are opened and closed by light manual pressure.

Move Shelves

The horizontal boards of your unique furniture can be moved individually. This allows you to primarily adjust the height of the compartments. At the same time it can also serve as an artistic stylistic device to underline the swing of your furniture.

Organic Design Language

The momentum, which can be created in the free-form configurator itself, springs from the organic forms of nature. It can be combined with a flying flock of birds, whose individual birds create a harmonious overall picture. The free form of the configurator is optimized by a mathematical form algorithm, which always creates a pleasant appearance during configuration.


Analogous to our Tip-On doors and flaps, we also have Tip-On drawers. These also have no handles or hand inlets and are opened and closed with a light push of the hand.


Analogous to our Tip-On doors and drawers, we also offer Tip-On flaps. These also have no handles or hand inlets and are opened and closed with a light push of the hand. From a height of at least 20 cm, flaps also receives a flap support for a cushioned opening.

Skirting Recess

Consider your skirting board when designing your furniture. Plan a recess for your skirting board, so that your furniture is can stand close to the wall. This not only looks better, but also provides a better and more stable stand.


Each of our unique pieces of furniture is branded with our logo. It is always located on the leftmost vertical between the both lower horizontal lines. On request, we can also mill a lettering of your choice into your personal furniture.


One of the most important design elements is of course the material your furniture is made of. We mainly stock Finnish birch plywood in various finishes and medium density fibreboard in standard colours. You can choose the colour of the fronts of your unique furniture independently of the body colour.