Design elements

There are no limits to your imagination!

Natural optimisation of form

Our design distinguishes itself by its organic shaping, which is inspired by nature. The intelligent algorithms of our innovative software goes in combination with the latest techniques which unfailingly lead to perfect balance and drive of your furniture. You can always rely on getting a perfect result. There is no chance of making any mistake while configuration.

Configurator designs the elements.

The choice is yours!

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Unique shapes

The revolutionary offers unprecedented possibilities of furniture design. You can online create and order free moldable shapes inspired by nature.

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Do you want a little more? Our allows you to adjust your furniture with centimeter precision and specifically suited to your needs and spaces.

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Selected materials

Our furniture is made of high-quality Finnish birch veneer (FU) or medium density fibreboards (MDF). We put emphasis on premium quality as well as sustainable production and processing. Depending on core material our timbers are coated with melamine resin, real wood veneered or just left natural.

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Add some colour to your life offers the opportunity to design your desired furniture in bright colours. Depending on your chosen material you can pick up from many different colours. For adding colour we cover our real wood in a gentle treatment with melamine resin. Bright and colourful or just natural optic, it does not matter- the choice is yours.


Technology and Functionality

We give your furniture function!

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Modern door system

Our configurator gives you an opportunity to insert doors in any compartment. For that reason we utilise the modern tip-on-system. That means you don’t need any doorknob on the surface, just open it by a lightly touch. With gentle pressure you can close the door again.

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Our furniture is manufactured and delivered in individual parts. Consecutively parts have to be put together like a jigsaw puzzle. As an alternative we also offer assembly service.


Start to configurate your individual favourite right now!

There are no limits to your imagination!

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Do you already have an idea and your dream furniture in mind?

We together make your dream come true!

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Do you want a little more?

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Transform your favorite furniture into something exclusive for you by milling your name or an expression on an edge or a shelf.

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Optional extras

You want to have a recess for your TV? You are looking for a solution concerning roof slope, corner or alcove? Or you just want to add extra elements like LED lights? We render it possible! There are no limits to your imagination!