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23rd of May 2022

„Why Because we love regionality!“

Delicious coffee, special, organic and fair: That's the idea and the business of "Black Hen" founders Kolja Conrad and Kai Adam. In the interview they talk about success, non-conformity, gut feeling and the decisive factor to feel free.


20th of November 2020

"The love of life drives me on"

Mai Duong Kieu is on her way to the top as an actress. Since her leading role in the successful series "Bad Banks" she is one of the new young stars of German film. In the interview she talks about love, luxury, adaptability and freedom.

4th of December 2020

„You must give everything and you will be rewarded“

The professional breakdancer Lil Ceng lives his dream. Already as a child he wanted to stand on stage and inspire people. In the interview, the four-time world champion explains how to shape your life according to your wishes.

13th of November 2020

„Football pitch or Champions League: I always want to win!"

Dzsenifer Marozsán has been one of the best female football players in the world for years, winning almost every title there is to win. In the interview she reveals what is particularly important for lasting success.

23rd of October 2020

The bee-friend

Julius Schießer was already selling honey at the weekly market as a small boy. The bee-friend and eco-entrepreneur is the founder and manager of the unpacked shop "Honighalle" in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt.

18th of September 2020

Surfer & Do-gooders

Florian Jung is one of the best windsurfers in the world. For many years he has been involved in social projects and the protection of the planet. In the interview he talks about courage, passion and a perfect home.

12th of September 2020

„Success is like a piece of cheesecake from mom“

Dennis Lück is one of the most successful advertising professionals in Europe. In the interview, he reveals the best advice of his life. And explains why a beautiful home is so important to him.


16th of February 2022

„It's okay to like yourself“

Theater is Fenna von Hirschheydt's great passion. In the interview, the Swiss artist talks about boredom, great women, important decisions, comparisons and getting better.

10th of December 2021

The recipe for success from star chef Klaus Erfort

He is a living legend of star cuisine, has been one of the best chefs in the world for many years: In the interview, Klaus Erfort talks about his path to the top, teamwork, madness, pain thresholds, fun and broad shoulders.

25th of November 2021

"Freedom means not being afraid"

"You only become happy when you stop wanting to be," says philosopher and book author Holger Wohlfahrt. In the interview, he talks about Ferrari success, calm, flowing forms, Jesus and FC Bayern.

5th of November 2021

„I always try to see the good in people and situations“

For Munich-based Mia Martin, creativity is both a profession and a calling. In the interview, the co-founder of a design agency with an exciting Instagram presence talks about courageous decisions, discipline, gut feeling, satisfaction and a question that always helps.

21st of October 2021

Germany's new bike hope

Pascal Ackermann is on the best way to become Germany's new bicycle star. In 2019, he became the first German to win the jersey for the best sprinter at the legendary Giro d'Italia, as well as two stages of the cycling classic.

16th of September 2021

„We are happier every day with the result“

Paula from Düsseldorf has designed her perfect home office with and thus ended a long period of compromises. In the magazine, she explains what her interior design philosophy is all about, why an individual solution was necessary, and how quickly it became reality.

25th of August 2021

„I am certainly trying to make the world a better place“

Konstantin Küspert's plays get under the skin, deal with modern slavery, Reich citizens or refugees. In the interview, one of Germany's best-known playwrights talks about billionaires, morality, happiness, creativity, climate change and Amazon.

8th of July 2021

The bestselling author and „insane luck“

With well over two million books sold, Arno Strobel is one of Germany's most successful authors. In this interview, he talks about the reasons for his success, time pressure, fear, and ambition, and explains why promotes people's creativity.

22nd of June 2021

„I am interested in teams that want to conquer the world“

Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer is one of the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the German information systems and software industry. In this interview, he talks about discipline, charisma, jazz music, banana software and his enthusiasm for

1st of June 2021

„The most important thing for me is the team“

As a gallery owner, cultural manager and agency head, Benjamin Knur is always on the lookout for new challenges. For him, self-confidence, trust and clear communication are the keys to success. In the interview, he talks about freedom, enthusiasm and the worst advice of his life.

29th of April 2021

Startup star David Zimmer: "Courage is the secret to freedom"

No graduation, debts, cancer - but David Zimmer never gives up and is being rewarded. In 2020, he sells his company inexio for over one billion euros. In the interview, one of Germany's most successful founders talks about self-doubt, luck, courage and the wisdom of his grandmother.

12th of March 2021

„I like it when something doesn't conform to the norm“

With almost 200,000 Instagram followers, Kayo Olajide is one of Europe's best-known fashion bloggers - and a big fan of extravagant aesthetics. In the interview, he talks about his great role model, freedom, love, Nutella and mega-exciting designs.

22th of February 2021

The woman who makes people talk again

Disputes, anger, friction: Dr. Claudia Henze helps people in difficult situations; conflict management is her specialty. In this interview, the lawyer and mediator from Kronberg near Frankfurt talks about the unpredictability of life, sources of strength, change - and her admiration for the Obamas.

19th of January 2021

„The important thing is to always create a lot of options for yourself“

With curiosity and persistence, Dr. Alexandra Jürgens has always made good progress. In the interview, the managing director of the Graduate Campus Hochschule Aalen talks about lifelong learning, the digital transformation and Elon Musk.

14th of January 2021

A festival of love for films and forms

Til Schweiger, Christiane Paul, Jasna Fritzi Bauer: These stars and many more are among the award winners of the film festival "Max Ophüls Preis", for over 40 years the most important meeting point for young German-language film. In 2020, we were able to enrich the legendary festival club "Lola's Bistro" with forms.

5th of November 2020

The world-class musician

Bernhard Leonardy is one of the most distinguished concert organists worldwide. In the interview he explains how to make it into the Champions League, what one can learn from setbacks and why music has tremendous power.

16th of October 2020

Strong woman without fear of cold water

"Bauch Beine Baby" - journalist Anna Lena Kramß invented her own online fitness programme two years ago. In the interview she talks about new beginnings, important decisions, strong women, pressure and high expectations.

9th of October 2020

The most flexible person in the world

"Don't worry, it doesn't hurt": Aleksandr Batuev can do things with his body that nobody else can do. The "contortionist" is one of the most spectacular circus artists in the world.

3rd of October 2020

Visit of Germany's coolest business magazine

Germany's coolest business magazine "brand eins" has written a big article about and the digital change in the furniture industry. An exciting, in-depth text with great photos.

26th of September 2020

Artist with a thirst for freedom

Simone Witzig, artist, policeman, mother of two, has fulfilled her dream of owning her own home with her family. She has moved to the country, to a small village not far from Zurich. Her apartment is adorned with a spectacular shelf.

12th of September 2020

Filmstars from

Again and again, furniture from can also be seen in television and video productions. Whether ARD "Tatort", music clips or commercials for well-known brands: Our special forms find favor, because they stand out.

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Coming soon founders are „successful encouragers“

The journal "Möbelkultur" has included founders Nikolas Feth and Alessandro Quaranta in the list of the ten lateral thinkers of 2020. In doing so, it honours "inventive, unconventional and successful encouragers".

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