The most formable person in the world meets the most formable furniture in the world

The most formable person in the world

Aleksandr Batuev is a phenomenon. His incredible flexibility and formability cannot be escaped by anyone who has ever experienced him. The way he ties his body in knots is breathtaking, leaves no one cold - some cannot look, others cannot look away for sheer enthusiasm. Born in 1991 in Perm in eastern Russia, the "contortionist" is now one of the most spectacular circus artists in the world, and has won several prizes at the legendary Monte Carlo Festival.

„Do not worry, it does not hurt“

Dear Aleks, you do incredible things. Honestly: Doesn't it hurt terribly?
No, do not worry, it does not hurt. The tricks I show in front of an audience during my numbers are painless for me. It can be painful in training when I learn something new. But actually I only have to prepare myself properly, have to warm up for a long time, then I can learn new tricks quite painlessly.

When did you discover your special abilities?
At the age of 19 years, after a knee injury. At that time I did Parkour, so I climbed and jumped around the city. And unfortunately I made a serious mistake once. My knee was broken afterwards. That was it with Parkour and that was it with my dream of being a stuntman in Hollywood. I really wanted to go there one day. But with my knee it was over. And yet I still liked to train, did a lot of fitness training at the time and always stretched a lot. That was very easy for me, it was also fun. So the bad luck with my knee turned into the beginning of my career as a contortionist, if you like: as a snake man.

The human knot on our Ciottolo

Batuev - Head through the legs

Batuev pulls his leg up to his ear

The one-handed handstand on our Ciottolo

Batuev turns back to the bridge

Batuev does handstand on Ciottolo

„Four to five hours of training per day are normal“

Can anyone learn what you do? Can anyone become a contortionist?
I'm more than sure that everyone can improve their agility, really significantly. With the right training almost everyone can get at least one leg behind their head. In the end, of course, it depends on which level you want to reach. If you want to perform in front of an audience, it won't be enough to do some training after work like in the gym. But if you are interested and want to try it: I have some videos on YouTube where I explain my method, and there are many people who have done the splits afterwards.

How hard do you have to train?
For normal people it seems to be hard, but I never think about the fact that I MUST train, I WANT to train, and it makes me happy. That's why the word hard is not right in my case - soft fits better (laughs). When I'm on tour, of course I train less because I have to perform. At other times I can spend the whole day doing the splits and handstands, four to five hours of training a day are normal.

Batuev in the bridge in front of the white shelf

„I want to train, it makes me happy“

What has been your biggest success so far?
I can say that it is a great success for me to live the way I live and to do what I love, what I like.

How do you actually like furniture from We think it fits you well.
They fit me perfectly! I find them really very beautiful. I like the wave form, it has a calming effect on me when I look at it. I think it's very important that you feel comfortable in your surroundings, and furniture helps us to do this, furniture from helps us to do this especially well.

Batuev as human knot on our Ciottolo

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