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Resource-saving and efficient processing

Save Nature, Forest

Responsibility and Sustainability

Already when choosing our suppliers and manufacturing companies we place particular emphasis on responsible and sustainable handling of resources. For that reason we also take care of material efficiency during production of your furniture. Our simple plug system allows us to renounce energy intensive processing of metal connecting parts. The forest – feedstock supplier for our materials - is particularly close to our hearts. All wooden composites that we process come from FSC-certified manufacturing facilities, without exception. Our complete material is stored at one of our partner companies in a most modern high-bay warehouse. To minimise our impact on the environment materials will be delivered directly to our business partners for production.

Highest standard of quality, FU, MDF or OSB

Highest standard of quality

Shall it be birch veneer plywood (FU) in natural real wood veneer look, or a colour coated medium density fibreboard (MDF) or do you prefer a piece made of oriented strand boards (OSB) and further edited? Whatever you decide, you can be sure that our manufacturers use only highest quality materials from European productions. Close collaboration with our partners enables us to guarantee you consistent quality of our materials.

Precious birch veneer plywood, FU

Precious birch veneer plywood (FU)

We only utilise top of the line materials for our birch veneer plywood. This premium material convinces with its very special multiplex look. Multiplex in this case means several glued layers of high quality veneer plywood. We value the very sturdy Finnish wooden composites with its diverse high quality surface variations. Timber of the Finnish birch is characterised by its resilience and it is the perfect wooden material for every piece of furniture.

Shelf for wine from OSB-Material

Trendiges OSB-Material

Das Trendmaterial mit dem industriellen Charme ist für alle do-it-yourself Fans oder alle die einfach das robuste Erscheinungsbild lieben. Unsere OSB-Produkte werden roh, ohne Nachbearbeitung, direkt von der Fräse ausgeliefert. Je nach Belieben können Sie so vom Kunden nachbearbeitet, oder veredelt werden. OSB-Material eignet sich besonders gut zum selbst lackieren oder ölen. Lasiert mit durchscheinender Struktur der Charakteristischen Mikrofurniere, entwickelt die Oberflächenstruktur dieses Materials ihren ganz eigenen Vintage-Flair.


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