Measure & Plan

Clever tips for the perfect measurement

In advance of your furniture configuration, you should measure the place of your living space where your furniture will be placed, so you can customize it on it. On this page you will get tips on measuring & planning to find exactly the right size for your new unique furniture from .


Especially in old buildings there are often unevennesses in the floor, sloping or even humped walls and ceilings. Therefore, always measure the height and width in 3 places and choose the smallest dimension in each case.

Tip: To determine unevenness you can take a spirit level or a taut string to help you.

Always allow 3 cm of buffer between the ceiling and your future furniture for trouble-free installation.

Always plan a buffer of 1 cm on each side for niche and built-in furniture, to guarantee a problem-free assembly. Here, too, measure the width of the niche necessarily in 3 places, i.e. at the bottom in the middle and at the top.

If you have baseboards, measure their height and depth as well and enter them in the 3D configurator under Dimensions: Baseboard/Floor.

Consider objects such as light switches, sockets or other installations on the wall, for optimal positioning of the shelves.


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