Das simple Stecksystem

Using the simple plug-in system, you can build your furniture within minutes. Without disturbing screws or complicated Fasteners.

Das simple Stecksystem

Plug-in system

All our furniture is manufactured and delivered in individual parts. The numbered parts are put together like a puzzle. Alternatively, we offer you also a construction service.

Qualitäts-Beschläge von blum


Even when it comes to fittings we leave nothing to chance. All door fittings are quality products of Blum, one of the leading manufacturers on the market. Thus, tip-on doors or flaps are mounted quickly and safely.

Eingefrästes Logo

Product details

Your design, according to your taste. Our logo is milled into your piece of furniture during the production process. Would you like your name, or your own logo on your unique furniture? No problem, just tell us what you want as an individualization.