Solutions for every room situation

Online formed, regionally manufactured

Regionally manufactured

More than 70 master carpenter companies are part of the form.bar network. Your furniture is always made in your region!

Simply plugged in

Without screws - without glue - without tools. Thanks to the simple plug-in system from form.bar, assembly is effortless.

High quality materials

Whether multiplex birch, MDF or real wood veneer - form.bar focuses on the highest FSC®-certified wood quality.

Individual acoustic shelves

If you are looking for furniture solutions that not only create storage space and a unique look but also improve your room acoustics, then form.bar is the right place for you.

With the sound-absorbing aPerf material, which we use for our acoustic furniture , it is possible to reduce the reverberation time in rooms and thus improve the room acoustics decisively.

Such a property is especially important in the office, study, Kindergarten, swimming pool or in school very much in demand and of great benefit.

Convince yourself of the numerous possibilities we offer you with our innovative online configurator.

The advantages of the aPerf material at a glance:

  • Sound absorbing
  • Reduces the reverberation time
  • Fire protection-certified
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Low risk of injury
  • Light & stable
  • Recyclable
  • Made in Germany
  • Water resistant
  • Odourless

Increase productivity in the workplace

Almost everyone who works in an office is affected by noise at work, which reduces productivity and work performance by about 30%. In the long run, this has a negative impact on mental and physical health. With our sound-absorbing furniture we would like to counteract this phenomenon. In this way, we ensure more peace and quiet at the workplace, which makes it possible to work comfortably.

Individualizable office design

Furthermore, our acoustic furniture can be individually designed. When planning your office, you become the designer yourself and decide what kind of furniture you want to create and what shape your furniture should have - whether curved or straight is entirely up to you. The dimensions of your furniture can also be determined individually. Choose height, width and depth so that the space can be used optimally. The result is furniture that creates storage space without wasting space unnecessarily. You can adapt your furniture to a niche, pitched roof, corner or design it as free-standing furniture. This plays a decisive role in office design. Also choose between two colours: Grey in felt look or natural white. With our curved acoustic shelves, the office is given a visually and acoustically appealing atmosphere.

Acoustic shelf-room dividers instead of clumsy partitions

Partition walls are particularly popular when it comes to acoustic elements in the workplace. At form.bar, room dividers can be adapted to your office situation. In addition to the function of absorbing the sound occurring at the workplace, our partitions in the form of a shelf can of course also serve as a storage surface. The You can define the number and size of the compartments yourself and adapt them to the corresponding contents. Thus, folders and files find their place without problems. Furthermore there are room dividers between individual workplaces in the office as optical and acoustic separation. This creates work niches in which concentration is easier. In this context our table absorber should not remain unmentioned, can skilfully separate desks.

Fire protection-certified

In public buildings such as schools and day-care centres as well as in administrative buildings such as town halls and offices, flame-retardant materials are required. Our aPerf material is B1 certified. This means that in case of fire it will extinguish by itself after removing the fire source. Safety is therefore ensured if you choose acoustic furniture from form.bar.

Light and stable

Due to the light weight and the simultaneous surface stability of the aPerf material, there are further possibilities. This is because our shelves can be designed as mobile versions. On request, we can equip your creation with castors so that you can move the furniture around and place it somewhere else as required. This is particularly effective with our room dividers. They allow rooms to be divided up according to the situation, for example to hold meetings.

Added value for schools and childcare facilities

Mobile room dividers can also be used in kindergarten to quickly divide up areas for play corners. At the same time, toys can be stored in them. Our aPerf material makes a lot of sense in schools and daycare centres. Because the unique nature of our acoustic furniture, namely the curved shapes and light material, reduces the risk of injury. Not to be neglected is the enormous noise level in schools and daycare centres. With our sound absorbers in the form of acoustic shelves, we ensure a more pleasant room climate.